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Review: "Willard blends the perspectives of a wise parent and a serious scholar about issues related to Internet behavior and safety. He specifically discusses how to monitor children online, with recommendations for surfing, blogs, and social networking; email; instant messaging and voice-over-IP, cell phones, and PDAs; and talking to children about risks.

Pick up the book, open it to any random page, and you will find on that page or nearby a wealth of helpful advice and useful commentary on the cyberreality facing our children and on how to deal with any of the issues she's identified." —Dick Thornburgh, J. He describes recent tragedies and shows how to protect against specific dangers, for parents or educators of children from age eight to 17.

According to the law, internet providers should contact Roskomnadzor on a daily basis, but people usually get in touch every three days. Even we have one, although we’re a typical example of a small company, with 10,000 domains.

There are a number of internet web forums that are used by supporters of the various jihadi groups fighting in the middle east.

Freedom of expression on the internet has been under threat for some time in the Russian Federation, but the risks have increased since 2014.

In the 18 months since Maidan, the annexation of Crimea and outbreak of conflict in eastern Ukraine, new laws preventing the dissemination of ‘extremism’ online and extending the authorities’ surveillance powers have made the Ru Net a far riskier environment.

Whatever your reasoning for doing so, it’s always worth considering how you would feel if someone did the same to you. Not only is it advertised to snoopers who want to track the location of an individual, or spy on someone’s smartphone usage but it’s also marketed as a legitimate security tool.

This is ethically questionable at best, and a massive breach of privacy at worse.

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