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The non sports fan starts buying Cowboys jerseys, shirts hats and told the guy "I love the Cowboys and they are great" to me they suck. Since you bought up Hockey, Hockey is a tough sport and I love the sport cause the players there get into fights and It's cool to watch. The girls would go with the guys with the best hockey in either in the US or Canada, the Basketball teams (I see alot of girls wearing almost every basketball jerseys from every NBA or College teams) too many baseball caps from the MLB, and speading too much money on teams that suck or teams that did won and change to a different team the next season. I can totally understand how people will think girls just jump the bandwagon here and there, I don't really know if some would really even understand that.

Being a die-hard female football fan (Yes boys, I am single!

) with a lot of non-fan friends, I know exactly what you are going through. frequently slipping away to “go to the bathroom” or D.

Whether they enjoy playing, or just watching, Sports Lovers Together connects like minded singles interested in dating. Must Love Sports "Are you seeking to find a sincere dating relationship or friendship with another sports lover,or casual fan of your favorite college or pro basketball, baseball, hockey or footballteam? The only place to connect with other Boston Red Sox fans.

If you have answered yes, Must Love Sports is for you. " Matching Sox "Are you a Sox Single or a Fenway Fan? If you're looking for that special fan for your extra ticket of just a group of people to watch the game with, Matching Sox has it for you." Sports Gist Sportsgist is a sports-centric social networking site with lots of fun features, including videos, blogs and sports related groups.

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