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Now my issue is none of my GM can't join my league since i am full, but how can they play the game now?and what do i have to do to give them the tools to see the game and been able to play the game, be patient i am a novice with ootp12 been an old timers with 6.5 Thanks for your help __________________ Fidel Montoya Asahi2 Baseball ex-Commissioner(Historical League Since 2004) web hosting - Customized sites for online leagues - Sign up, Connect OOTP and Play!1) In League file Upload options, it is important to make sure that the directory you use for Target Path on Server is the same location that you use in League File Download - League File URL.You can verify it by manually uploading some small file using your ftp account and putting it in the target path on server directory.Is there any chance you've assigned your "live" site as the testing server?HTH I also considered it being a "temp" directory..it stuck with that name each time. Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver Ultra Dev create this directory when synchronizing sites (to get the time and date on the server).The workshop will cover PATRIC's analysis pipelines, which include genome assembly and annotation, RNA-Seq analysis, variation analysis, and tools for comparative genomic analysis.

All locations have DDo S protection included for free. Just ordered a server, will let you all know how it turns out. The server was up right away and they are using the TCAdmin CP. Will wait to see how long they respond and/or resolve. Not to mention, they are far less expensive than anywhere else I looked.

I tried an un-install and re-install of DW, but no diff. Is Dream Weaver configured to use a temp directory somewhere, and then rename or move the files that created there?

Alternately, have you tried establishing a connection with the remote server and then attempting to FTP to the site?

With the latest update we have finished testing and optimizing our 7daystodie dedicated server setup.

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