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Focusing much of their energy on their complex inner worlds, they keep their external worlds simple. Relationships between them and their partners are honest and uncomplicated.

Despite the simplicity of their external worlds, they have a level of depth and passion about their romantic relationships that may not be apparent.

Before a Relationship INTPs tend to enter the dating realm relatively later because of their preoccupation with their rich inner worlds and their lack of conformity in social realms.

However, people who appreciate intelligence, uniqueness, and creativity will find INTPs to be terrific company.

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The standard traits of INFJ individuals (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) create only a basic template for this personality.

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I apologize for abandoning this blog for so long (at least a year) and leaving all your questions hanging, but I’m back now!

This character type tends to be very creative and artistic, especially in the field of writing due to their profound understanding of emotion and keen eye for detail.

Being an INFJ is as close as a human might come to being empathic.

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