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TRUE or FALSE 6) If the police are called when dating violence is committed, the victim has to press charges for an arrest to occur.

While many adults have become aware of the prevalence of teen dating abuse and violence, few realize that preteen girls (and boys) are also victims -- and that the earlier they become sexually active, the more likely tweens will experience abuse and violence throughout their teen and young adult years.WHO works with partners to prevent violence through scientifically credible strategies.Countries with higher levels of economic inequality tend to have higher rates of death due to violence.For the purposes of this study, the following groups were defined as follows: Tweens - adolescents age 11-14Teens - adolecents age 15-18Parents - adults with a child age 11-14The survey revealed the following about tween dating violence and abuse: Tweens who have been in a relationship report peer pressure and emotional and physical abuse.Updated May 2017 Each year, 1.4 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence.

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