Emotionally invalidating environments

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There are many instances of crime especially against women go unreported in India.

These are figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau recently.

The biological component of BPD includes the genetic traits you inherit from your parents, as well as your temperament.

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Unfortunately, women in this country are mostly unaware of their rights because of illiteracy and the oppressive tradition.These conditions can manifest themselves through recurring fears of abandonment, angry outbursts, identity disturbances, self-damaging behavior or suicidality, intolerance of being alone and/or chronic feelings of emptiness or boredom.As with other mental illnesses there are biological and environmental factors that we believe contribute to developing BPD.# Income-Tax # Family law # Company Law # Constitutional Law # Partnership firms # Immigration Law # Cyber Law # Lok Adalat, legal Aid & PIL # Forms # Trademarks # Woman issues # Medico Legal # Consumer laws # Criminal laws # Supreme Court Judgments Preface There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a great revolution in the history of women.The evidence is everywhere; the voice of women is increasingly heard in Parliament, courts and in the streets.

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